the powerful yet simple tool to analyze and share data

Analyze your data and create great reports with a powerful yet simple tool

OlapCube creates data cubes locally on your computer.

These standard cubes are stored in files with a .CUB extension.

It's the simplest and most affordable solution available:
 no expensive server required
 no need for SQL Server or other OLAP software

You can use these cubes with a variety of software including our OlapCube Reader to quickly browse and analyze your data, Microsoft Excel to create great reports, OlapCube Dashboard to share and collaborate online.

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version 4.3.7 - Released Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's easy to get started!
4 simple steps:

Connect to your datasource

Add your tables

Drag and drop the fields to create dimensions and measures

Build your cube and you're done!

Our cube designer also includes advanced transformation features that help you transform your data to suit your needs.

OlapCube covers all major databases and data files

SQL Server   Oracle   IBM DB2   MySQL   Sybase   Informix   PostgreSQL   IBM UniVerse   IBM UniData   Progress   Firebird   Interbase   Paradox   Ingres   Mimer SQL   Pervasive   SQLBase   Caché   Teradata   DBMaker   Valentina   Microsoft Excel   Microsoft Access   Text files   Visual FoxPro   SQLite   Filemaker   

Create dashboards with OlapCube Dashboard
This new tool lets you create great dashboards within minutes.
Send dashboards via email

Upload dashboards via FTP

Publish dashboards on your blog

Olapcube Dashboard provides a variety of charts designed to address your data visualization needs:
Geo chart, Scatter chart, Column Chart, Line Chart, Bubble Chart, Table, Sparklines, Gauge, Pie Chart

Use Excel to create great reports
In Excel, cubes looks like normal pivot table and charts at the first glance, but with great benefits.
Data loads instantly

Data is organized hierarchically

No need to import data

Calculated members

Use Excel to unleash the full power of cubes!

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version 4.3.7 - Released Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Download v2.0

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